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Mobile Messaging Platform

Mobile Response is a messaging toolkit for connecting people and devices. Reach out to your customers, employees and stakeholders with personalised one-to-one communications.


Integrate your systems and create a seamless mobile dialogue. Client satisfaction surveys, engage field employees, build customer loyalty, confirm transactions.

The Mobile Response solution provides a multichannel/platform approach to end user mobile communication. Depending of the end customer device registered Mobile Response can select the most appropriate messaging format to communicate and deliver messaging in a number of ways.

• Send push app messaging to an integrated Instant Messaging (IM) app inbox
• Send meta data to the IM app to be created as an offline form or survey
• Send interactive mobile web content messages (forms or surveys)
• Send SMS, MMS and e-mail

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Mobile App Messaging

iOS & Android

  • Send free peer-to-peer instant messages
  • Broadcast app messages from Mobile Response platform
  • Build off-line forms and surveys

Send Mobile Websites

Interactive mobile web content

  • Personalise mobile web pages to unique recipients
  • Engage with multimedia, mobile video & QR codes
  • Surveys andresponses in real time

Send bulk SMS or e-mail

SMS or mobile e-mail

  • Globally at highly competitive rates.
  • Create inbound opt-in campaigns
  • Build automatic workflows from triggers